Different Methods for Stripping Furniture

Bedroom Furniture Paint Stripping

Whether you’re looking to stain a piece of furniture or want to leave it natural, you will likely need to remove its finish. If you’re questioning how to strip furniture, this post is for you! Stripping furniture is a messy job, but there are several techniques that will allow you to refinish your beautiful furniture. Anyone can complete these projects with a bit of patience and I’m going to discuss which method is best for your furniture.

You can remove the finish by sanding a piece of furniture, but for stripping the finish, we’re going to discuss several chemicals like Citristrip, SmartStrip and Easy-Off, yes, oven cleaner! Once you determine which type of wood you’re working with, you can decide which furniture stripper to use. I will be the first to admit… not every piece of furniture is the same. Some finishes can be removed easily with Citristrip and others might need something stronger. Let’s dive in and discuss the different solutions and methods used for stripping furniture.


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