Fireplace Paint Removal

: Revive the Essence of Your Fireplace

Over time, fireplaces and their surrounds may develop rust and wear, necessitating paint and wood stripping. Our team excels in restoring these items, ensuring they regain their original allure.

restoring a cast iron fireplace
Internal & External Door Stripping

Internal & External Door Stripping

Revitalize Your Doors and Frames

Our specialized stripping services encompass both internal and external doors and door frames. We carefully remove layers of paint and wood, ensuring a complete restoration at reasonable prices. Visit our Gallery section to witness the transformation our services can achieve.

Wooden Table & Chairs Paint Stripping

Wooden Table & Chairs Paint Stripping

Bringing Back the Beauty of Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs, often the centerpieces of a home, may require precision stripping to refresh their paint and wood, preserving their inherent beauty.

Bedroom Furniture Paint Stripping

Restoring Beds & Cupboards

Beds and cupboards, the core elements of home decor, require meticulous stripping to revive their appearance and charm.

Wooden Window Shutters

Enhance the Elegance of Window Shutters

Intensive paint and wood stripping is essential for wooden window shutters, ensuring a stunning appearance and a remarkable transformation.

Wooden Bench Paint Stripping

Restoring Benches and Church Pews

Our services extend to include the careful stripping of benches and church pews, emphasizing the need for precision and care in the restoration process.

Wooden Bench Paint Stripping
Radiator & Metal Items

Radiator & Metal Items

Revamping Radiators and Metal Pieces

Our proficient team excels in turning radiators and metal items into ‘as new’ condition through expert stripping services.

Chest of Drawers, Dressers & Sideboards

Chest of Drawers, Dressers & Sideboards

We use various methods such as chemical paint stripping, hot air guns, or sanding to rejuvenate items like chest of drawers, dressers, and sideboards, catering to all kinds of finishes.

Get your aesthetic enjoyment

Explore our Gallery section to witness the satisfaction and appreciation of our delighted clients who have experienced our stripping services firsthand.

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